Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Star Trek DS9:- Operation Return Diorama - 'micro' build log pt.5

   The Operation Return saga continues with the Jem'hadar cruiser very kindly supplied by D-Whale. I rescaled and lightened the template, and ran off 20 copies to allow for layers. This is the first page of parts:-
   After what seems like an eternity, all the pieces were edge-coloured, strapped with thin paper strips and joined up. I then cut the ten page 2's along with their layers:-
   I'm using an Eaglemoss model as a rough guide, so that's led me to recess the grey rectangles and have three very narrow strips layered on the lilac grill. If I was only building one of these I'd probably add an extra layer for the 'plates', although the way that the parts have been cut would possibly lead to poor joins on the layers.
   Loads of contouring folds, a gazillion fold scores and a few calluses later, the bulk of the upper wing surface is complete for the ten cruisers:-
   Joining the front section to the main 'wing' section took eight paper strips each, ie 80 tiny bits of paper to connect all ten - lol. Three different colours were required for the edges, adding to the time consumption - tabs just can't be used at this scale due to the bulking effect they have. Cutting the page threes was the next challenge: because I had to lighten the purple, the lines for the white stabilising parts disappeared! I had to go back to the template and fiddle with the brightness, contrast and gamma saturation settings of the image, print off another template, cut round the white parts and draw round the outlines. It's still no excuse for taking 10 days to complete one page! lmao If the galors are the same then I reckon I'll be drawing my pension before I've built 25...
   Page three is finished and I've started on pages 4 and 5:-
   I'm going to add a layer for the recesses on the rear protrusions. If I was only doing one of these I would also layer the mauve grill sections. The strips for the edges of the wings are ~0.5mm thick so I'll probably ditch them and just colour the white that shows.
    Although it's taken another 10 days to complete page 3, I took a couple of days off to turn my phone into a communicator. It would also be much, much quicker to build using the tabs on the template - I prefer to have smooth surfaces so the extra time required is a price I'm willing to pay.
   With the main body complete, the parts for the ventral 'pod' were cut and edge-coloured:-

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